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Tru-Fit Standroid Graphic Reprints

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The Tru-Fit Standroid graphic replacement makes it easy to refresh your existing display with a brand new design and presentation. The Tru-Fit Standroid graphics are printed on a high resolution tension fabric dye sub material, and stitched ready to go with a zipper that will fasten and secure your graphic around your existing frame.

You can choose your Standroid reprints a la carte or go for a full redesign of your existing display!


Standroid Podium Graphic Template:
Standroid Header Graphic Template:
Standroid Monitor Stand Template:
8' Tru-Fit Straight Template:
8' Tru-Fit Curved Template:
10' Tru-Fit Straight Template:
10' Tru-Fit Curved Template:
20' Tru-Fit Curved Template:

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