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Lightbox Displays

  • 20ft FireFly - Angled LightBox

    *HUGE PRICE DROP 2019* The Angled 20' FireFly media display is one of the most creative trade show display setups on the market. Its one-of-a-kind modular design combines three different LightBox panels at different depths to create a stunning...

  • 8ft FireFly - LightBox

    Illuminate your brand with our freestanding FireFly LightBox trade show displays! By illuminating the high-resolution fabric graphic with LED lights on the inside, attention is increased exponentially on the outside, making it perfect for exhibiting...

  • 10ft FireFly - LightBox

    Like moths to a flame, nothing attracts crowds to a trade show booth better than a Firefly lightbox! These incredible backlit displays are ideal for showcasing vivid photography or vector imagery.  Illuminate your brand with our freestanding...

  • 8ft FireFly - Media LightBox

    *NEW LOW PRICING 2019* The 8' FireFly Media Display is a stunning new way to incorporate a monitor into your trade show or event! Using the same LED technology as our other FireFly displays to light up the graphics, this media package allows for a large...

  • FireFly LightBox 37" - Banner Stand

    The FireFly LightBoxes are the latest and greatest in Banner Stands! This series of trade show displays is streamlined for easy setup, yet designed for the maximum impact and exposure of your brand. Grab the attention of your audience by lighting up your...

  • 5ft FireFly - Angled LightBox

    *NEW LOW PRICING 2019* The 5' FireFly LightBox trade show display is unlike anything else before it. This free-standing LightBox features internal LED light strips that brighten up the entire graphic display. It is guaranteed to set you apart from the...

  • 9ft FireFly - Angled LightBox

    *NEW LOW PRICING 2019* A new breakthrough design for the FireFly series of displays, the 9' Angled FireFly kit! This unique product line of trade show displays allows you to illuminate your graphic from the inside using LED light strips. Capitalize on...

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