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PRO-TIP #5 - Attaching LED Lights to Your Portable Trade Show Display

A question we often receive here at Display Overstock is “How do I connect the LED lights to my display?” Let us walk you through it for our two most popular displays, the Tru-Fit and Perfect-Pop portable trade show booths!

You may have received a black fitting with your lights. If you have a newer model (2016+) Perfect-Pop or any model Tru-Fit Display this can be disregarded as it is a universal light clip that comes included for compatibility with older frame models or other brands of pop up displays. 

Attaching Lights to your Tru-Fit Display:
First, locate the silver C-Clamp inside of the box with the rest of your hardware (not in the box of lights). While your backdrop is laying flat on the ground, attach the silver clamp on the display, then slide the light onto the clamp. Be sure to tighten the clamp gently, it needs to be tight but should not be tightened with force as this will cause the screw to strip or damage to the graphic. 

Attaching Lights to your Perfect-Pop Display:
The Perfect-Pop no longer requires an additional fitting to attach the lights to the pop up display frame! Before you open and expand the frame, simply match the grooves on the lights with the grooves found on the top of your Perfect Pop exhibit booth to attach!

Now that you’re set, it's time to light up your event and secure those leads!

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Exhibiting At Your Trade Show: PRO-TIP #3 - Dismantling Perfect Pop

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Exhibiting at Your Trade Show: PRO-TIP #2 – Storage At Your Trade Show

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Exhibiting At Your Trade Show: PRO-TIP #1 – Adjusting The Tru-Fit/QuickZip Frame

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