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Trade Show Flooring


Trade show flooring is one of the most underrated and underutilized accessories in the business! Flooring can make all of the difference, so why just setup your display on concrete or trade show carpet, when these modular solutions can dramatically effect your presentation. Whether it's wood, tile or our special carpet flooring, you are sure to make a big impact at your next conference, convention or event!

  • 10x10 Reversible Wood Tiles

    The double-sided Reversible Wood Grain foam flooring tiles are just what you need for keeping your brand fresh! Set-up time is as little as five minutes for a 10x10 trade show booth. Each tile has two sides of removable edging, allowing you to configure...

  • Plush interlocking carpet trade show floors

    10x10 Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles

    The most DURABLE Trade Show carpet tiles you can buy! Ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic (including high heels) or for long term use. These plush carpet floors are created to give your feet a break, as well as putting a smile on your prospective...

  • 10x10 Foam Tiles

    The premium soft flooring Foam Tiles are designed with the latest trends in trade show flooring with the ease of transport. Set-up time is as little as five minutes for a 10' by 10' booth. Choose between several different colors that best match your...

  • 5x10 Soft Bamboo Rolls

    Soft Bamboo rollable flooring are the best way to create an upscale environment at your next trade show exhibition. This innovative product is eco-friendly, produced with sustainable and recycled materials. The high-quality bamboo slats are fitted to a...

  • 10x10 Flooring Soft Case

    This canvas carrying case comes complete with wheels for easy transport, and is ideal for carrying 10'x10' sets (25 tiles) of interlocking trade show flooring. This Package includes: 1 - Soft Case with Handle and Wheels

  • 10x10 Flooring Hard Case

    Ideal for shipping 10'x10' sets of interlocking trade show flooring, this heavy duty case comes complete with wheels for easy transport, while protecting your investment. Simply remove all detachable ends from each foam tile, connect two at a time, and...

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