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  • Truss Table Tops

    Truss Table Tops

    Additional table tops for any of our Truss modular displays. Featured Package Includes: (1) Truss Additional Table Top

  • Truss Internal Shelves

    Truss Internal Shelves

    Adjustable shelving for any of our Truss modular displays. These shelves attach to the truss structure and fit in between each panel of your display. Please check the size of the shelf needed to ensure the best fit! Featured Package Includes: (1) Truss...

  • Tru-Fit Viper Shelves

    Tru-Fit Viper Shelves

    Make the most of your Tru-Fit Viper display by taking advantage of its built in accessory clips and adding these amazing curved shelves, made to fit the shape of the Viper to create an impressive platform! Be sure to use both shelves to ensure proper...

  • QuickZip - Support Foot

    QuickZip - Support Foot

    Additional support feet to be used with the premium QuickZip/Tru-Fit modular packages if exhibiting panels separately. This is an edge support foot used to replace a two-panel connector foot. Most 20' QuickZip packages such as the Ultimate, Executive,...

  • End cap panel set for Pearl Hybrid Display

    Pearl - Set of (2) Winged End Cap Panels

    These additional end cap panels are ideal for the Pearl Version 2, which can be broken down into two 10' displays by adding this product! Featured Package Includes: (2) Winged End Cap Panel Graphics for Pearl Hybrid Displays(2) End Cap Hardware 

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