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Tension Fabric Displays



The latest and greatest portable displays on the market, our tension fabric trade show displays are the evolution in portable trade show booth products. These displays feature ultra-light frames, making it easy to check as luggage on airlines. Complete with case and LED lights.

  • 10' ft Tru-Fit - Curve - Portable Tension Fabric Trade Show Booth

    10ft QuickZip™ - Curved

    It's time to get away from the old panel Pop-Up displays and into a seamless tension fabric exhibit booth! The QuickZip™ (formerly known as the Tru-Fit) 10' curved trade show display, our most popular display ever, will ensure that you...

  • 8' Tru-Fit QuickZip Trade Show Display Frame delivers a unique curved look to attract the attention of potential leads while exhibiting at your next expo

    8ft QuickZip™ - Curved

    Here is the 8' QuickZip™ Curved tension fabric trade show display (formerly Tru-Fit)! This state-of-the-art design is both elegant and lightweight, making it one of the easiest trade show booths in the industry to assemble. This exhibit...

  • 8ft Perfect-Pop - Straight

    The 8' Straight Perfect-Pop trade show display is the best way to create a seamless 8' custom graphic wall! This high-resolution fabric dye sub graphic will be sure to command the attention your business deserves at your trade show or event. This...

  • 10ft Tru-Fit Straight - Portable Trade Show Display

    10ft QuickZip™ - Straight

    The 10' QuickZip™ (formerly the Tru-Fit) Straight trade show display offers a seamless flat backdrop for your next event or tradeshow. The snap-tube aluminum frame provides a lightweight, yet sturdy frame and sets up in just a few short...

  • 20ft Tru-Fit QuickZip Curved with Hard Case and Custom Podium Graphic!

    20ft QuickZip™ - Curved

    A custom graphic tension fabric display is your best choice for a 20' trade show display! The QuickZip 20' Curved trade show display is part of our most popular product line (formerly called Tru-Fit), and is lighter, easier, and more seamless than...

  • 10ft Perfect-Pop - Curved

    They don't call it "Perfect-Pop" for no reason! The Perfect-Pop 10' curved trade show display is lightweight, attention-grabbing, easy to assemble, and economic, making it the perfect choice for a pop up display!   The curved design of...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - MEGA MAX

    Introducing the newest and most impressive addition to the QuickZip™ (formerly Tru-Fit) series: the 20' MEGA MAX Media Kit. This magnificent 20' multi-media kit brings together several of our top selling displays to form a unique...

  • 8ft Perfect-Pop - Curved

    Just when you thought trade show displays couldn't get any more awesome, the Perfect-Pop 8' Curved exhibit booth shows up .The breathtaking tension fabric dye sub print is sure to help your company's message be heard loud and clear at your next trade...

  • 10' ft Perfect Pop Straight Trade Show Display

    10ft Perfect-Pop - Straight

    The eye-catching 10’ Perfect-Pop Pop-Up Trade show Display is guaranteed to attract the attention of potential leads while exhibiting at any event! With the one-piece fabric Perfect-Pop technology that easily attaches to the pop-up frame and its...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ MAX - Curved

    The 10ft QuickZip™ MAX (formerly the Tru-Fit MAX) Curved is our top selling media package and a true crowd-pleaser. The backdrop starts with our most popular display of all time, the 10ft Tru-Fit Curved, and tops it off with a top header...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - Serpentine

    The QuickZip™ 20' Serpentine trade show display is the most effective marketing tool for your 20' booth space! Not only does it have a creative snake-like shape, but the seamless graphic and lightweight frame make it the most convenient 20ft...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - Straight

    When it comes to 20' trade show displays, a custom graphic tension fabric display is your best choice! The QuickZip™ 20' Straight tradeshow display is part of our most popular line of portable displays (formerly known as Tru-Fit...

  • 8ft QuickZip™ - Straight

    The 8' QuickZip™ Straight trade show display (formerly known as the Tru-Fit) touts a gorgeous custom tension fabric graphic on a lightweight, easy-to-assemble frame for your next event or trade show. The Tru-Fit lines of exhibits have...

  • QuickZip™ - Executive 20ft Kit

    Here it is - The perfect 10' to 20' convertible trade show display you've been looking for! The Executive QuickZip™ tradeshow display features a 10' QuickZip Straight (formerly Tru-Fit) display front and center, with two 5'...

  • 8ft QuickZip™ MAX - Curved

    You’ve asked and we’ve listened. By popular demand, are pleased to now offer the 8ft version of our best-selling trade show display, the QuickZip™ MAX package. The QuickZip (formerly Tru-Fit) 8ft MAX Package Curved is a...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ MAX - Straight

    Introducing the newest and most impressive addition to the QuickZip series (formerly known as the Tru-Fit series): the QuickZip™ MAX Media Kit. This fantastic package boasts several incredible features, such as a waterfall TV...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - Supreme

    Time to super-size your portable exhibit? The QuickZip™ Supreme 20 foot trade show panel kit does that and more! This premium package includes two 6.5' x 7.5’ panels and a 6.5’ x 10' tall center panel. They can be used...

  • 8ft QuickZip™ MAX - Straight

    Beauty meets brains in our most stunning and effective portable trade show display line. The 8ft QuickZip™ MAX Straight package maximizes the potential of your trade show booth while minimizing the amount of space it fills. A surefire...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ Element

    The Element two-panel trade show display is the latest in our most popular line of portable trade show booths, the QuickZip™ series (formerly Tru-Fit). It features two different sized graphic panels designed to bring attention to your exhibit...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - Monument

    Adaptable. Versatile. Accommodate any and all of your booth sizes for your upcoming shows! 8ft? 10ft? 15ft? 20ft?! The QuickZip™ Monument 20' trade show display package is the most convenient and efficient portable trade show booth system...

  • 10ft FireFly - LED LightBox

    Like moths to a flame, nothing attracts crowds to a trade show booth better than an LED backlit "Firefly" lightbox! These incredible backlit displays are ideal for showcasing vivid photography or vector imagery. The LED panels line the inside of the...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ Edge

    Never before has a trade show display been so bold. The unique design of this trade show kit is unlike any other display out there and is meant to call attention to your exhibit booth. The QuickZip™ Edge, formerly Tru-Fit Edge, is quickly...

  • 8ft FireFly - LightBox

    Illuminate your brand with our freestanding FireFly LightBox trade show displays! By illuminating the high-resolution fabric graphic with LED lights on the inside, attention is increased exponentially on the outside, making it perfect for exhibiting...

  • 20ft Perfect-Pop - Straight

    Attract your customers with this eye-catching 20’ Pop Up trade show display, with the one piece fabric Perfect-Pop technology that easily attaches to the pop up frame. From side to side, this booth appears flush and seamless, and assembles in only...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ - Bridge

    Looking to create a unique and inviting environment to draw crowds at your next trade show or event? Look no further. Introducing the 10ft QuickZip™ Bridge Media Kit. This unique portable trade show display fills your booth in 3D and helps you...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ Rise

    If you're in need of a modern, sleek trade show display designed to garner the attention of attendees, the QuickZip™ Rise (formerly Tru-Fit Rise) is the exhibit booth for you. It has a design that has never been done before - using angles...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ - Halo

    Welcome to the QuickZip™ Halo, the latest in our most popular line of portable trade show booths. It features a welcoming and unique curved graphic panel designed to bring attention to your exhibit booth while creating a semi-enclosed...

  • 10ft QuickZip™ - Flare

    Say goodbye to “boring” and hello to Flare! The 10ft QuickZip™ Flare has a unique shape and design, sure to attract traffic to your exhibit booth. With an eye-catching and sweeping curved design, you will maintain that edge on...

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