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Tru-Fit Series

  • QuickZip - Light Clips

    QuickZip - Light Clips

    This replacement connector piece is compatible with all QuickZip/Tru-Fit display models LED display light.  Featured Package Includes: (2) Connector Piece for LED Light Fixtures *Compatible with Tru-Fit Displays*

  • Set of LED Display Lights

    Set of LED Display Lights

    These replacement LED display lights are compatible with all QuickZip/Tru-Fit and Perfect-Pop display models!   (2) LED hanging lights  * Package will include Tru-Fit clamps if selected from the drop down option. ** Perfect-Pop display does...

  • QuickZip Waterfall Shelves Kit Add-On

    QuickZip Waterfall Shelves Kit Add-On

    Looking for some extra space on your QuickZip/Tru-Fit display to show off your products?  This product is the perfect accompaniment to your backdrop display in your trade show booth!. This is the newest member of the Tru-Fit family; it's light...

  • Tru-Fit MAX Add-On Kit - Includes Header, Waterfall, 2 Shelves, and TV Mount

    MAX Waterfall Media Kit Add-On

    By popular demand, Display Overstock is proud to present the Tru-Fit MAX Media Kit add-on! This stunning, lightweight media add-on brings a new dimension to our Tru-Fit line of trade show displays*. Stop wasting money renting TV stands at trade shows or...

  • Showcase Merchandise Hanging Hook

    Showcase Merchandise Hanging Hook

    Merchandise Hanging Hook for QuickZip/Tru-Fit Showcase Shelves. Simply insert the hook into the shelves slots to allow lightweight items to be hung from your display.

  • QuickZip SHOWCASE Add-On

    QuickZip SHOWCASE Add-On

    This add-on product includes four shelves and two support posts, allowing you to showcase your products by either presenting flat on the shelves or hanging items from optional hooks, or a combination of both. The shelves can be positioned at three...

  • QuickZip™ - Black Counter Wrap Only

    QuickZip™ - Black Counter Wrap Only

    Use this full black fabric cover to convert your HC-101 hard case into a podium. This tension fabric cover slips over the hard case podium conversion kit. Compatible with most Tru-Fit or Perfect-Pop hard case models. Featured Package Includes: (1)...

  • HC-101 Hard Case / Podium

    This heavy-duty transport case with wheels is made to transport any Tru-Fit tension fabric display with ease.  The handle and wheels provide an easy solution for transport.  Featured Package Includes: (1) Heavy Duty Case*(1)...

  • Replacement Counter Top for HC-101 Case

    Replacement Counter Top for HC-101 Case

    The is the replacement counter top to use with the QuickZip/Tru-Fit series case conversion kit.  Featured Package Includes: (1) Counter Top Piece Only

  • Tru-Fit Viper Shelves

    Tru-Fit Viper Shelves

    Make the most of your Tru-Fit Viper display by taking advantage of its built in accessory clips and adding these amazing curved shelves, made to fit the shape of the Viper to create an impressive platform! Be sure to use both shelves to ensure proper...

  • QuickZip™ Header Add-On

    QuickZip™ Header Add-On

    Tru-Fit Header Add-On. Reach new heights with this fantastic branding addition to any QuickZip/Tru-Fit display! Featured Package Includes: (1) High Resolution Header Tension Fabric Graphic Print(1) Header Snap-Tube Frame    

  • QuickZip - Support Foot

    QuickZip - Support Foot

    Additional support feet to be used with the premium QuickZip/Tru-Fit modular packages if exhibiting panels separately. This is an edge support foot used to replace a two-panel connector foot. Most 20' QuickZip packages such as the Ultimate, Executive,...

  • QuickZip Bridge Archway Add-On

    QuickZip Bridge Archway Add-On

    Looking for some extra branding potential on your QuickZip display?  This product is the perfect accompaniment to your backdrop display in your trade show booth! This is the newest member of the QuickZip family; it's light weight, comes with...

  • Executive Monitor and Shelf Kit

    Executive Monitor and Shelf Kit

    Executive Monitor Mount and shelf kit add-on. (1) Monitor Kit - Includes (2) Shelves and (2) Monitor Mounts (supports up to 32" monitor)    

  • HC-101 Case Graphic Only

    HC-101 Case Graphic Only

    Use this graphic print for your Tru-Fit/QuickZip or Perfect-Pop display podium. This tension fabric print slips over the case that converts into a podium. Compatible with all tabletop and full size Tru-Fit/QuickZip and Perfect-Pop products...

  • QuickZip™ - Counter Graphic Only

    QuickZip™ - Counter Graphic Only

    Use this replacement graphic print for your Tru-Fit Counter Package.  Featured Package Includes: (1) Tru-Fit Counter Fabric Dye Sub Graphic Print Only  

  • Soft Nylon Bag

    Soft Case with Detachable Wheels

    Soft nylon case with a detachable trolley for easy transportation. This bag comes as standard with our QuickZip/Tru-Fit and Perfect Pop basic packages. Featured Package Includes: (1) Nylon Soft Bag(1) Trolley

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