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Exhibiting At Your Trade Show: PRO-TIP #1 – Adjusting The Tru-Fit/QuickZip Frame

Exhibiting At Your Trade Show: PRO-TIP #1 – Adjusting The Tru-Fit/QuickZip Frame

2nd Aug 2017

You’ve arrived at your trade show, you’ve set up your portable trade show display but something looks a little off? Don’t worry we have you covered! Our Tru-Fit and QuickZip trade show displays are designed to be versatile and flexible. Sometimes on first use, the aluminum framing is not quite standing as it should. There’s a simple trick you can do right there in your tr …

Why businesses should consider using video conferencing

22nd Jun 2017

Have you considered taking advantage of video conferencing at your company? You may be surprised to learn just how affordable it is to use video conferencing to bring your staff members together. If you thought you didn't have the technological capabilities to have a video conference in which all of your employees can participate, think again.The following are six reasons why y …

'Doing Business As': How to Register a DBA Name

24th May 2017

Starting a business requires choosing a legal name under which to operate. This may be your own name if you set up a sole proprietorship or a company name for an LLC or corporation. To operate under any other name, you must file a DBA.What is a DBA?Also called a fictitious business name, assumed business name or trade name, DBA stands for “doing business as.” Entrepreneur defin …

Articles of Incorporation: What New Business Owners Should Know

24th May 2017

When you structure a company as a corporation, filing the articles of incorporation is one of the first official steps that you need to take. The articles act as a charter that establishes the existence of your business in the state in which it operates. The document basically identifies the traits of your corporation. That sounds simple, but there are several things that you n …

Rebuilding Your Business After Natural Disaster

23rd May 2017

When natural disasters occur, they can devastate your business if you are not adequately prepared. Having sufficient insurance coverage and securely backing up your important files is important. Unfortunately, some natural disasters strike with little warning. After a disaster happens, you'll want to rebuild your business as quickly as you can. Rebuilding a business after a dis …
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