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Exhibiting at Your Trade Show: PRO-TIP #2 – Storage At Your Trade Show

We’ve all been there, you’ve setup your display, your trade show booth looks awesome!... Except your backpack is awkwardly sat in front of the display because you’ve got nowhere else to put it!

With all the planning that goes into preparing for a trade show, overlooking storage is a common trait. I’ve walked countless shows and seen some incredible looking trade show booth arrangements, but it’s amazing how often you see someone’s purse protruding from behind the backdrop display. It’s a minor detail, but this is your brand, by forgetting the small things you are allowing the veil of your brand to be removed.

Thankfully we have some tips for you! Our HC-101 hard case / podium, which comes with all Perfect Pop and Tru-Fit displays, has a hidden compartment that’s perfect for storing your backpack or purse. Simply unzip and place anything the client doesn’t need to see inside. Brought too many literature/handouts/leaflets? Store the excess beneath the counter top of the podium. The same goes for your laptop, no more worrying about where to hide it when you need to use the restroom!

Watch this video, our support team is here to guide you to success at your event!

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