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Pro-Tip #6 - How to Attach a Monitor Mount to Your Trade Show Display

Posted by Fraser and Corey on 10th Aug 2018

Pro-Tip #6 - How to Attach a Monitor Mount to Your Trade Show Display

Congrats! You’ve chosen to greatly improve your chances of recruiting new clients at your next event! A media display is a surefire way to maximize your exposure at a busy trade show. As trade show goers walk the floor, the moving images in your booth will improve your visual attention tenfold!

You’ll find 4 sets of screws in the kit:

  • The largest and pointed screws (along with the black plastic anchors) are not needed for this assembly, but you may want to hold onto them in case you’d ever want to install this onto a wall.
  • Two sets of screws are the same length, but one set is thicker than the other.
  • The thicker screws, along with the washers, will be used to secure the mount to the display.
  • The thinner screws may be used for attaching the brackets onto the back of your monitor. Note that these screws might not fit all monitors, so it’s best to use the ones that came with the TV you purchased.
  • Finally, there are two long, thin screws; these will be used to safely lock in the brackets to the mount on the display.

Start by attaching the mount to your display by using the thicker, short screws and the washers, and screw into the wide holes on the mount. Then you attach the two brackets to the back of your TV/monitor using the screws provided or the ones that came with your TV. Be sure that the hook indents on the brackets are on top. The brackets then connects onto the mount, the hook indents sliding in on top of the mount. The final step is to screw in the long, thin screw underneath the brackets to secure the brackets to the mount.

Here’s an instructional video taking you through these steps!

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