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Top-3 Tips for Trade Show Success!

Posted by Brandon Adams on 22nd Oct 2019

Trade shows are the lifeblood of B2B relationships in this country. While technology has made doing business more efficient, there will never be a replacement for F2F (Face-2-Face) relationships. Your relationships with clients and/or customers are of the utmost importance. Everyone knows presentation matters. However, the degree at which presentation matters to YOU will a …
Pro-Tip #8 - Using Photoshop to Design

Pro-Tip #8 - Using Photoshop to Design

Posted by Fraser Simpson on 30th May 2019

PLEASE NOTE: THIS INFORMATION IS SPECIFICALLY FOR DESIGNING IN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, AND IS RECOMMENDED FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS WITH PHOTOSHOP EXPERIENCE.Large format design for trade show displays can be tricky, you're designing a 10ft backdrop at full size! We're here to help, and we have a team of professional graphic designers ready to assist with any questions you have. To …
PRO-TIP #5 - Attaching LED Lights to Your Portable Trade Show Display

PRO-TIP #5 - Attaching LED Lights to Your Portable Trade Show Display

11th May 2018

A question we often receive here at Display Overstock is “How do I connect the LED lights to my display?” Let us walk you through it for our two most popular displays, the Tru-Fit and Perfect-Pop portable trade show booths!You may have received a black fitting with your lights. If you have a newer model (2016+) Perfect-Pop or any model Tru-Fit Display this can be disregarde …

How to Get Free Marketing at Your Next Trade Show

Posted by Mitch Rolfe on 10th Jun 2016

  Trade shows are the best space to gain new leads and propel your business into the next tier. But trade shows aren’t free – exhibit booth space, flights, hotel, per diem, and so much more goes into getting your company in front of new eyes at the trade show. Use these free marketing tactics to boost the awareness of your brand without breaking the bank! Soci …

Follow These Six Steps to Increase Leads at Your Next Trade Show!

Posted by Mitch Rolfe on 1st Jun 2015

Trade shows can be expensive, stressful, and time consuming; so why do companies go in the first place? Trade shows, conventions, marketing events, and exhibitions, are often the best opportunity to generate a broader cliental and build business relationships. But it takes a little more than just showing up to really get the bang for your buck. Whether you are new to trade s …
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