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Top-3 Tips for Trade Show Success!

Posted by Brandon Adams on 22nd Oct 2019

Trade shows are the lifeblood of B2B relationships in this country. While technology has made doing business more efficient, there will never be a replacement for F2F (Face-2-Face) relationships. Your relationships with clients and/or customers are of the utmost importance. Everyone knows presentation matters. However, the degree at which presentation matters to YOU will a …
Pro-Tip #8 - Using Photoshop to Design

Pro-Tip #8 - Using Photoshop to Design

Posted by Fraser Simpson on 30th May 2019

PLEASE NOTE: THIS INFORMATION IS SPECIFICALLY FOR DESIGNING IN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, AND IS RECOMMENDED FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS WITH PHOTOSHOP EXPERIENCE.Large format design for trade show displays can be tricky, you're designing a 10ft backdrop at full size! We're here to help, and we have a team of professional graphic designers ready to assist with any questions you have. To …
Pro-Tip #7 - First Time Attaching The Perfect-Pop Graphic

Pro-Tip #7 - First Time Attaching The Perfect-Pop Graphic

Posted by Fraser on 12th Dec 2018

So you've bought a Perfect-Pop portable trade show display, you're at the convention center and now you're ready to setup your pop-up display for the first time. Or perhaps you've already attempted to setup your new backdrop, and you feel that the custom printed tension fabric isn't quite sitting right. But don't despair! We have some tips for you to ensure you g …

PRO-TIP #4 - Replacing the Graphic on your Silverstep Retractable Banner Stand

22nd Feb 2018

So you’re getting ready for your next trade show event, you haul out your retractable banner stand that’s been in storage since your last exhibition… and the graphic print is broken, torn, or detached!This pull up banner was crucial to your trade show booth. Your other portable exhibit displays are branded but not specifically towards this target demographic; your retractable …

Engaging vs Profiling

Posted by Greg Wilson on 20th Mar 2017

You're at the show, the trade show booth looks great, the staff seems energetic and eager to shake up some new business, and here comes the traffic... what now?  Over the years I've learned that typically one or two members of the staff will be tied up with pre-booked meetings, while at least one person stands in front of the booth to engage new customers, rotating at time …
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