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Follow These Six Steps to Increase Leads at Your Next Trade Show!

Posted by Mitch Rolfe on 1st Jun 2015

Trade shows can be expensive, stressful, and time consuming; so why do companies go in the first place? Trade shows, conventions, marketing events, and exhibitions, are often the best opportunity to generate a broader cliental and build business relationships. But it takes a little more than just showing up to really get the bang for your buck. Whether you are new to trade s …

How to Find Great FREE Images for Your Artwork Design

Posted by Tabitha S. on 18th Feb 2015

When exhibiting at a trade show or public event, having beautiful and professionally done marketing materials is everything. Although vector art has a clean appearance and can be used on any size of media, photographs are often the best (or only) way to get your message across.Having enticing images can add a lot to a display, but sometimes, it can be hard to fin …

Why Multimedia Displays Should Be Part of Your Trade Show Exhibit

Posted by Lauren M. on 9th Jun 2014

Although graphics play a huge and arguably most important role in the presentation of your company at a trade show, having items that engage the interests of people is key! The best way to do this is by having some sort of media incorporated into your presentation, because let’s face it, most of us are easily distracted by anything with a flashing screen.One of the easiest …

How a Graphic Display Can Make or Break You at a Trade Show

Posted by Lauren M. on 11th Nov 2013

As we all know, in the trade show world, first impressions are everything. Better yet, when walking a show, the first glance is everything. If your booth does not stand out in a crowd, and people cannot tell what your business does simply by looking at your display, you’ve just made this whole exhibiting thing a lot harder on yourself.In order to make your trade show …

Don’t be a Goldilocks! How to Choose the Right-Sized Portable Display for your 10×10 Trade Show Booth

Posted by Lauren M. on 16th Aug 2013

Choosing the right-sized portable trade show display for your 10 x 10 booth can feel like a “Goldilocks” dilemma. Is it too big? Too small? Well here are some tips on choosing the trade show display that’s just right.10ft Trade Show Displays: These are perfect if you’re looking for a more “robust” appearance for your exhibit’s backdrop. In general, these portable displays …
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