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We Design!

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Let us help you find the missing peices and bring your graphic display to life.  Our in-house graphic designers are professionally trained in the trade show industry to help draw attention to your marketing materials.  Stopping traffic and attracting eyes is your top priority when exhibiting, and having the right colors and layout can make all the difference between getting noticed, and being overlooked. 

Please speak with a sales rep regarding your graphic design needs.  A typical 10' display takes about 3-4 hours to design based on the complexity of your needs.  We will need you to provide your logo, website, colors, text, images, slogans, taglines, offer, promotion, and a general direction for the demographic you are targeting so that we can effectively create a design to attract your audience. 

Choose From The Following Options:

(1) One Hour - Podiums, Kiosks

(2) Two Hours - Banner Stands, Detachable Graphics

(3) Three Hours - Table Top, 8' Displays, 10' Displays

(4) Four Hours - Full Size Displays + Podium Graphic

(6) Six Hours - 20' Displays 

For more information regarding design services, CLICK HERE

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