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Pro-Tip #7 - First Time Attaching The Perfect-Pop Graphic

Posted by Fraser on 12th Dec 2018

Pro-Tip #7 - First Time Attaching The Perfect-Pop Graphic

So you've bought a Perfect-Pop portable trade show display, you're at the convention center and now you're ready to setup your pop-up display for the first time. Or perhaps you've already attempted to setup your new backdrop, and you feel that the custom printed tension fabric isn't quite sitting right. But don't despair! We have some tips for you to ensure you get the graphic on the display frame looking sleek and wrinkle free in no time! 

  1. Start by expanding the frame fully, ensure all of the green clips are connected properly. Then lay the display on its back.
  2. Attach the front, top corner of the graphic to the appropriate corner on the frame, then do the same with the other top corner. You don't need to velcro down the top, connecting the corners at this time.
  3. Tightly velcro down from one of the top corners in the direction of the corresponding bottom corner. When you get to the halfway point, grab the bottom corner and pull down firmly attaching the graphic to the frame. Smooth out this side and then repeat on the other side.
  4. Now section at a time, velcro the top of the frame. Repeat on the bottom.
  5. Pull one side panel flap around the back and attach, starting at the top and working down to the bottom. Repeat on the other side. Finally, you can lift the display upright!

Now you're ready and set to exhibit with confidence at your trade show event! Time to secure those leads and maximize your ROI! Need help with dismantling the pop-up after the show? Check out Pro-Tip #3 for more information on dismantling the Perfect-Pop display!

Here's a quick demo to show exactly how to attach the graphic to your pop up frame!

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